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Case Pattern Definitions

W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co



Baby Doc:

     Miniature version of the Doctor’s knife.


     A one or two bladed jack knife pattern with an extra long bolster on the blade end, and usually no capend bolster.

Bartender’s Knife:

     Designed as a bartender’s tool, this pattern features a spear, pen, label blade and corkscrew. The Case Bartender’s knife is on a Large Gunstock frame.

Bird Hunter:

     Muskrat style knife utilizing the bird hook and clip blade, ideal for cleaning fowl.


     The copperhead bolsters of this equal-end knife pattern make the knife resemble the shape of a canoe; Spear and pen blades are common.


     Slim, sleek, shaped lockback pattern with a clip blade and a swing guard.

Cheetah Cub®:

     Miniature version of the Cheetah.


     A knife pattern with a slight upward tapered curve (like a crescent) in the middle of the handle. The bolsters are squared and equal-ended housing two or four blades, including the sheepfoot master blade. This is the style of knife that President Lincoln was carrying when he was shot.


     Jack knife with the pocket end bolster shaped like a Copperhead snake’s head.


     One part Trapper, one part copperhead, one part lockback and 100 % Case best describes this Case Lockback!

Doctor’s Knife:

     Originally designed for physicians and pharmacists, this jack knife includes a pill crusher bolster and may have a spatula blade used for scooping powder from vials and loosening caked powder or perhaps as a tongue depressor.

Dogleg Jack or Dogleg Trapper:

     Jack knife with a serpentine-curve shaped handle pattern; clip or clip and spey blade.


     An equal end gentlemen’s pen knife, favorite knife of President Eisenhower; now embellished with Eisenhower’s signature.

Electrician’s Knife:

     A jack knife designed for electrician’s use, usually with a locking screwdriver blade, pruner blade and abail to attach to belt.

Elephant’s Toe:

      A large double-ended pen knife with a spear blade designed for cutting rope; also called a Sunfish

Equestrian’s Knife:

      Built on the Trapper frame, the clip blade and hoof pick make this a great tool for both horse and rider.

Executive Lockback:

     Gentlemen’s lockback with stainless steel handles.

Fishing Knife:

     A multi-purposed Toothpick knife with clip blade and scaler blade with hook disgorger – used to remove hooks, and clean fish, features a hook sharpener inbedded in the cover.

Folding Hunter (Clasp):

      A large clasp style jack knife used for cleaning game or for sport.

Grand Daddy Barlow:

      The largest of the Barlow patterns, fondly called the Grand Daddy Barlow.

Gunboat Canoe:

     Large equal-end Cattle knife pattern with the copperhead bolsters which looks like a canoe with three blades.


      A jack knife handle pattern with the frame which resembles the stock of a gun.

Half Whittler:

     A two-blade pen knife built on a whittler frame – usually with a clip master blade and a secondary pen blade.


     Pruners or Lineman’s knife used as workman’s tool


     Term that applies to slot knives that typically have a knife, fork and possibly a spoon. The scales slip apart for individual utensil use and when finished, lock together again to form a pocketknife.

Hunter Trapper:

     Trapper frame with the guthook blade, the saw blade, and the master clip blade designed for cleaning game.

Jack Knife:

      A knife pattern where the blade or blades open from one end of the knife.

Junior Scout:

     Designed for camping or scouting needs, this equal end multi-bladed knife includes 4 blades; a masterspear, screwdriver, can opener, and leather punch.

Large Clasp:

      A large jack knife with an upward curved handle that tapers to a point.

Large Texas Toothpick:

     A term used for a slender serpentine style clasp knife with a pointed end bolster, also called the “Tickler”pattern.

Mid-Folding Hunter:

     One-hand opening clip blade with thumb stud, liner lock and pocket clip; medium sized version of the Folding Hunter with extras.

Mini Copperhead:

     Gentlemen’s pen knife with the cap end bolster is shaped like the snakes head.

Mini CopperLock®:

      A smaller version of the CopperLock®.

Mini Muskrat:

      A medium size version of the Muskrat using the 18 stockman frame.

Mini Trapper:

      A medium size version of the Trapper using the 07 frame.


      Using the 75 stockman frame, a double-end knife sporting equal length clip and spey blades.


      Serpentine shaped double-end knife with two muskrat clip blades, used for skinning and fleshing animals.


      Small serpentine-shaped jack knife, shaped like the peanut shell with a clip and pen blade.


     A knife pattern where the blades open from opposite ends of the handle, usually a clip and pen blade; also referred as a small gentleman’s knife.

Pocket Hunter:

     Small version of the Folding Hunter, this pattern was named TH’165 in honor of Case Model Maker, Tom Hart.


     (One Arm Opener) Barlow pattern with a razor style blade with a corner of the blade protruding from the handle.  This allows for the knife to be opened with one hand by snagging the point on a pant leg or other object.  When this pattern has this style of blade, the pattern number includes RAZ to indicate it’s a “one arm opener”.


     A knurled lever on the back of the clip blade makes this a one-hand opening knife, including with a liner lock, this was named in memory of W.R. Case & Sons founder, Russ Case.


     A curved or clasp style Jack knife whose handles resembles the shape of a saddlehorn, with a clip and possibly a spey blade.

Seahorse Whittler:

      A traditional style Wharncliffe Whittler pattern with the frame resembling a seahorse.


      A  jack knife with a handle shaped like the small ironing board used for pressing shirt sleeve; master spear and a sheepfoot blades.

Slim Line Trapper:

      Thinner version of the trapper; used for skinning and fleshing animals


      A modern Gentleman’s knife design with liner lock with a thumb stud for easy-opening; first released with BG-42 steel and ladder damascus blade.

Small Saddlehorn:

      Miniature Saddlehorn Jack knife.

Sodbuster Jr.®:

      Smaller version of the Sodbuster® embellished with the “Sodbuster, Jr.” etch.


      Sturdy utility knife designed with skinning blade and black synthetic handles embellished with the “Sodbuster” etch.


      Heavy duty cattleman/stockman style knife with a rounded shape frame resembling the shape of a sow’s belly; generally three bladed with the clip, sheepfoot and spey blades, sometimes built with five blades.

Split Back Whittler:

      A whittler pattern with a tapered spacer between the springs. Two springs support the master blade on the pocket end of the knife – with each spring supporting one secondary blade on the cap end.


      Double-ended serpentine-shaped knife, designed for castrating animals and general farm chores; generally with 3 blades – two on the pocket end (where the main blade is) and one on the cap end of the knife.

Swell-Center Jack:

      A one-ended jack knife with a swell center handle which resembles the bottle shape of a very famous soft drink.

Texas Jack:

     Typically, a two-bladed jack or a large square end premium jack knife with the clip master and a pen blade.

Tiny Muskrat:

      A small version of the Muskrat knife.

Tiny Trapper:

      A small version of the Trapper knife.


      Jack knife with full-length clip and spey blade designed for skinning animals and similar duties.

Trapper Nut:

     Peanut framed jack knife which uses a clip and a spey blade – the same blade configuration as the Trapper.


     Three bladed knife designed for carving or whittling wood has a Large Master Blade on the pocket end and two smaller blades – usually a coping and pen blade on the opposite or cap end. Generally the Master Blade falls in between the two smaller blades when the knife is closed.


      Case lockback knife with four exchangeable blades for multiple uses.


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Pattern Name Definition


Baby Butterbean:

     Miniature version of the Canoe pattern.