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Updated March 6, 2007

Wisconsin – 941.24. Possession of switchblade knife. (1)
   Whoever manufactures, sells or offers to sell, transports,
   purchases, possesses or goes armed with any knife having a
   blade which opens by pressing a button, spring or other
   device in the handle or by gravity or by a thrust or
   movement is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor…
[Note: the wording of this statute is different from all other state
   switchblade statutes.]

Wisconsin – 941.23 Carrying concealed weapon.
  Any person except a peace officer who goes armed with a
  concealed and dangerous weapon is guilty of a Class A

Wisconsin Case Law:

To “go armed” does not require going anywhere. The elements
for a violation of s. 941.23 are: 1) a dangerous weapon is on the
defendant’s person or within reach; 2) the defendant is aware of
the weapon’s presence; and 3) the weapon is hidden.
State v. Keith, 175 Wis. 2d 75, 498 N.W.2d 865 (Ct. App. 1993).

Judges are not peace officers authorized to carry concealed weapons. 
69 Atty. Gen. 66.