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Idaho – 18-3301. “Every person having upon him any deadly
   weapon with intent to assault another is guilty of a
– 18-3302. “If any person, excepting [officials] shall
   carry concealed upon or about his person any dirk, dirk
   knife, bowie knife, dagger… or any other deadly or
   dangerous weapon within the limits or confines of any
   city, town or village, or in any public assembly, or in
   any mining, lumbering, logging, railroad or other
   construction camp, public conveyances or on public
   highways within the state of Idaho, or shall, in the
   presence of one or more persons, exhibit any deadly or
   dangerous weapon in a rude, angry or threatening manner,
   or shall have or carry such weapons upon or about his
   person when intoxicated… or shall [transfer] to any
   minor under the age of sixteen years any such weapon
   without the consent of the parent… shall be [fined or
   imprisoned]; provided, however, that any person shall be
   allowed to carry any of the above weapons in the places
   mentioned above on securing a permit from the sheriff of
   the county…

  Idaho Case Law:
– “The right to bear arms may not be denied by the
   legislature; it only has the power to ‘regulate the
   exercise of this right’; that is, among other things, it
   may prohibit carrying concealed weapons, or prescribe the
   kind or character of arms that may or may not be kept,
   carried, or used, and various other things of a regulatory
   character.” (1937)
– “The right to prohibit carrying of concealed weapons falls
   within the police power of a municipality and an ordinance
   enforcing same is constitutional.” (1945)
– “Instruction [to jury] as to right to bear arms not in
   harmony with this section was properly refused.” (1932)